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My Car Has A Virus...

A team of top hackers working for Intel Corp's security division toil away in a West Coast garage searching for electronic bugs that could make automobiles vulnerable to lethal computer viruses. Intel's McAfee unit, which is best known for software that fights PC viruses, is one of a handful of firms that are looking to protect the dozens of tiny computers and electronic communications systems that are built into every modern car.

So Just How Honest Are Auto Repair Shops ?

Just in time for the Thanksgiving driving season, the Today show did a little sting operation. They placed hidden cameras into a fully operational car, then bled air from a tire to trigger the TPMS warning light. View the video to see what happens.


Survey: Motorists Plan To Drive Their Cars Into the Ground

Remember when people used to buy new cars every three years or so? Those days are largely over in part because of difficult economic conditions.


World's Fastest Cars For 2013

Check out the top ten fastest production cars for 2013. If you are lucky enough to have a bit of spare coin you can get behind of the wheel of one of these super cars.


National Average Labor Rate for Independent Auto Shops

Here it is, the data we know you want to see. The Independent Auto Repair Shop Survey is in, and we can tell you what the average labor rate trend is. Take a peak...

Shop Labor Rates Lag, Outpaced by Inflation

ExtremeWrench releases its first quarterly report on the Independent Repair Shop Community. This study will be released at the end of June, however some interesting numbers are coming out this week.

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Vol 3 of the Top Ten Things Customers Never Want to hear

Here it is: #3 "We could not get your car to do it..Its intermittent and Iím not sure that the problem wonít re-occur" Why is this such a disaster for you as a shop owner? ...

One Consumer's Story On Why He Changed Repair Shops

We all know consumers are fickle, but c'mon you gotta be kidding me! Here is a real life example of why a consumer decided to change repair shops. You can be the judge of how common this scenario really is.

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How does your labor rate compare to others in your region.

Find out all the details in the first annual ExtremeWrench Annual Report of Independent Repair Shop Labor Rates. 975 Independent Repair Shops participated in the survey in 2012. We will be sharing more result in future news letters. Check out where your labor rate compares within your State and geographic region.