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Maven Ride Sharing To Launch In New York City

The Verge: For those who haven't already gone insane trying to navigate New York City's notoriously congested streets, there's now a new, more tech-friendly way to rent a car in the Big Apple. Maven, the car-sharing service spun off from General Motors last year, is launching in Manhattan this week with more than 80 vehicles available for hourly and daily reservations. Maven, in which customers can find and book a car parked nearby on their smartphone, says it will have a diverse mix of vehicles for customers to choose from, including Cadillac XT5, Escalade, and ATS; Buick Encore; and Chevy Equinox, Trax, Malibu, and Cruze. Unlike its service in Los Angeles, though, Maven won't be offering any all-electric Chevy Bolts in New York City.

EBAY Motors Expands Into Tire Installation

Expanding its motors marketplace and platform, eBay announces the addition of new features and services to deliver a more personalized and innovative experience to automotive buyers. eBay Motors is adding tire installation services to its offerings, beginning in Germany this month and in the U.S. this summer. Additionally, an improved site experience will debut enhanced shopping features, such as a partnership with TrueCar in the U.S., to offer buyers helpful tools when shopping for new vehicles. "At eBay we're focused on providing the most convenient shopping experience for our customers," said Jay Hanson, eBay's Vice President of North America Merchandising, Hard Goods. "Adding auto services as well as the TrueCar integration showcases our commitment to extending value and insight to buyers around the world."

Cost Curve Slopes Down On Electric Vehicles

Bloomberg: Experts predict that electric vehicles will soon be less expensive to purchase and to own than gasoline vehicles. "Now research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance indicates that falling battery costs will mean electric vehicles will also be cheaper to buy in the U.S. and Europe as soon as 2025. Batteries currently account for about half the cost of EVs, and their prices will fall by about 77 percent between 2016 and 2030, the London-based researcher said."


Carl Ichan To Shake Up Auto Repair As We Know It

Billionaire investor Carl Ichan now owns over 1,000 auto repair shops with plans to purchase even more. This represents about 1% of the non-dealer repair shop market. What's the plan.


Supreme Court Decision Delivers Major Victory for Aftermarket

BETHESDA, MD In a major victory for the auto care industry, the Supreme Court upheld the legal precedent of patent exhaustion, which states that a company's right to protect its patent ends when the product is sold to the end user. Information from an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court by the Auto Care Association was used by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. in reversing the Federal Circuit decision that would have been damaging to the manufacture and sales of aftermarket parts. The case, Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International, Inc., involved the ability of Lexmark to restrict purchasers from reusing their printer cartridges or providing the used cartridges to anyone other than Lexmark. The Federal Circuit case determined patent holders can retain rights after sale as long as the restrictions on use are clearly communicated.


US Car Sales Projected To Be Up Over May Last Year

Date: May 26, 2017 Source: Automotive News U.S. new-vehicle sales are expected to rise very slightly in May from a year ago, narrowly snapping the industry's streak of four consecutive monthly declines. But one forecaster is cutting its outlook for the year after the spring selling season has come in weaker than anticipated. LMC Automotive said it now expects 2017 sales of 17.2 million, 2 percent fewer than the record 17.55 million sold last year. The annualized selling rate is projected to be less than 17 million for a third consecutive month, more evidence that the market has passed its peak. That would mean the industry will already have had as many sub-17 million months in 2017 as it did in each of the past two full years. Forecasts released on May 25 by LMC, Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds project sales-volume increases of no more than 0.5 percent. That's in spite of the month having one more selling day than May 2016. Many automakers are counting on showroom traffic over the long Memorial Day weekend to put May into positive territory.


Technician Shortfall Predicted

Ford and GM estimate they'll need 15,000 new technicians for their dealerships within the U.S. over the next five years, but the predicted technician shortfall is over 25,000, according to Mark Davis, auto automotive programs manager at Seminole State College of Florida. Other predictions cite the eminent retirement of technicians over the age of 60 and predict the shortfall to be over 100,000.

Strange But True -- Really?

Undercover Cops Bust Textsters

Wall Street Journal Police have gone undercover to bust drivers who illegally text while driving. Police departments across the country are deploying officers dressed as construction workers or panhandlers as well as in buses to spy inside cars to catch sneaky textsters. Distracted driving is blamed as a culprit behind rising U.S. traffic fatalities, but authorities have struggled to enact or enforce laws that effectively curb activities that take drivers' hands off the wheel. Unlike moving violations such as running a red light, proving a driver was texting while driving can be difficult and citations can be contested in court.

Volvo Tests Self Driving Garbage Truck

MotorTrend: Volvo is testing driverless construction big rigs, so perhaps it's natural that the automaker has created an autonomous garbage truck. In collaboration with Swedish waste specialist Renova, Volvo is testing a unique refuse truck that can improve the trash collection process in urban areas.

Yep, Flying Car - Gotta Have One!

You have to love technologies coming together for what we all really want. Yep, its a flying car. Admit it, you always wanted one. Ever since it entered your imagination watching "The Jetsons". Well here is a picture of that soon to be reality...

Automotive Products


Bartec Annouces Quick Service Tool for Brake, Oil, and Battery Service

As we all know, today's vehicles are becoming more complex. The simplest of service requires the use of a scan tool to perform a "reset" or "relearn" or some kind of operation to finish the job. Today's Brake Service, Oil Changes and Battery Replacements can all require a scan tool connected to the OBDII port to properly finish the job.


CRP Expansion Tanks

The difference between CRP expansion tanks and others - 100% virgin plastic. Why is this important for you as a shop owner?

AAE Remanufactured EPS Line Delivers OE Fit, Form, and Function

The AAE remanufactured electric power steering (EPS) line from CRP Automotive offers comprehensive application coverage for a wide range of domestic, Asian and European vehicles. The line includes electric steering columns, electric racks, and electro hydraulic power steering pumps. These EPS parts are quality engineered to deliver the same fit, form, and function as the OE part.

Time For TPMS - What You Need To Stock

All cars manufactured after 2008 are required by the TREAD act to be equipped with TPMS and the vast majority have direct TPMS. There are over 100 million vehicles on the road today equipped with direct TPMS systems. Why is this important for shop owners?



Experts Predict Car Ownership Decline - Soon

"By 2022, 2023, the majority of transportation in urban cities with temperate weather will be on demand, shared and likely autonomous." says Aarjav Trivedi, chief executive of Ridecell, a San Francisco company that provides the back-end software for car sharing.

General News


UBER Shake Up Continues

Its been a rough month at UBER. First with the firing of self driving car wizard Anthony Levandowski followed next by CEO Travis Kalanick stepping down - not a great way to begin the summer driving season. If you haven't been following UBER's turbulent 2017, here is a great time line for you to catch up.



MAHLE Aftermarket Launches "Turn Knowledge Into Horsepower" E-learning Promotion with Chance to Win Grand Prize Ride Along with Dale Jr.

Farmington Hills, Mich., May 5, 2017, MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. recently launched the "Turn Knowledge Into Horsepower" E-learning Promotion, with the grand-prize winner receiving a "Ride Along with Dale Jr." prize package. The promotion is designed to encourage technicans to further educate themselves by completing MAHLE Aftermarket e-learning courses. The promotion runs through August 31, 2017. Entrants receive prizes for completing each of the three e-learning courses. The grand prize winner, and their guest, will also be hosted by Dale Jr. and the Dale Jr. Foundation staff at the Speedway for the NASCAR Xfinity Series race on October 7th and the Monster Energy Cup Series race on October 8th, including VIP treatment and all accommodations

Repair Shop

Double Points In June On Pads and Rotors

Back by popular demeand! AKEBONO and FREMAX have teamed up for double points again - thru the end of June.

Update From Mahle On The Petty Mustang Promo

The "Drive With The Original" grand prize is making great progress. This $100,000 custom Richard Petty design Mustang is progressing nicely. Check out the Video.



Viral Growth Hacking

Its the new buzzword for growing your business on line. Interestingly, it doesn't involve google adwords, seo, or even traditional social media. Simply put, its about providing an online value added experience for your visitors. Here is an example for a repair shop...

Shop Management

5 Simple Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

We all want it to know the secret sauce of earning customer loyalty. Here are 5 proven strategies for engendering customer loyalty.

Top 5 Ways To Find Technicians

We talked with shop owners across the country and asked them for tips on how they have been finding (and hiring) technicians. We grouped their answers into five major categories some of these strategies may work for you.

What Is The Most Important Job On The Repair Order?

This is an are where many shops fail to solve their customer's transportation needs. The most important job is the one the customer came in for - not the additional jobs that were "discovered" during the course of inspections.

Top 15 Summer Driving Tips - Do Not Overlook!

Summer driving season is just around the corner. Use this handy checklist to make sure you do not overlook any important check points for optimizing your customer's summer driving. These tips will help keep your customer's safe and maximize fuel economy.


AAE Power Steering Pump Removes Honda/Acura Design Flaws

CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, offers a newly re-engineered AAE Power Steering Pump, P/N 5760N, for applications on the 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey, 2005-2008 Honda Pilot, and the 2003-2013 Acura MDX. The original pump has design flaws in the valve and return pipe. The valve design causes the valve guide walls to wear excessively which leads to low pressures and poor performance. The return pipe was notorious for noise caused by air entering the system. These problems help create customer complaints and higher rates of returns.

PTFE Seals - Tip From CRP

Polyurethane, FEP, or Nitrile seals don't always fare well in resisting chemicals or handling engine temperature extremes. But, PTFE oil seals do. PTFE has come a long way and is the ideal material for critical cylinder head and engine block applications. With a wider operating temperature and a very low coefficient of friction, it makes for an excellent shaft seal.