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Three Trends for the Auto Care Industry - Bill Hanvey

According to Bill Hanvey, President and CEO of the Auto Care Association "We've got issues". In this article Bill discusses the three top issues trending in the minds of aftermarket leaders.


Top 5 Tips To Lower Your Cost Of Ownership

For most people, their car is their second most valuable asset. Once the car is paid off, there will still be bills to be paid. Here are five tips to help save money on that out of warranty car.

Understanding The Impact Of Autonomous Vehicles For Employees

Who do the hours belong to? When office working employees commute in self driving vehicles and are enabled to catch up on emails, phone calls and other office tasks will employers compensate employees? Will the work day changes. These and other societal changes are discussed in depth...


Auto Care Calls for Expansion of DMCA Repair Exemption to Include Service Providers

The Auto Care Association submitted a petition with the U.S. Copyright Office to expand the current exemption provided to consumers under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) when accessing encrypted software for the purpose of vehicle repair. The association issued a petition in July requesting a renewal of the current exemption, which expires this year, but there remains a concern that the exemption only covers consumer access to software. Currently, it does not cover third parties that require access in order to perform repairs at the request of a consumer. Specifically, the association requested that the exemption expand to include service providers that perform work on behalf of consumers, as most consumers lack the tools or knowledge to service today's software-driven vehicles. The request also included extending the exemption to include entities that provide tools that assist consumer and service providers in accessing software for the purpose of lawful repair.


BMW EV To Smoke Telsa In Range

BMW's proposed iVision electric vehicle will travel nearly 400 miles on a charge. The concept car will go 0-60 in four seconds with a top speed of 120mph. Check out the video here.

Car eWallet Allows Secure Blockchain Technology From ZF, UBS and IBM

More convenience and reliability for car sharing "The trend toward car-sharing and future autonomous vehicles requires, now more than ever, a transaction ecosystem that everyone can use," explains Dr. Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. "The Car eWallet technology will reduce risks and costs while dramatically improving convenience for owners and users."

VW, BMW and Fiat Face Big Fines Over CO2 Targets

Some of the world's biggest carmakers are heading for fines in excess of euro-1 billion as they fail to hit legally mandated CO2 tagets in 2021.Volkswagen, BMW and Fiat Chrysler are among groups facing fines as falling diesel sales and rising consumer appetite for large sport utility vehicles make the targets tougher to meet, according to forecasts by PA Consulting.In total, seven out of 11 carmakers are on course to miss the targets, the report states.Only Volvo, Toyota, the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Jaguar Land Rover are on track to meet the requirements, says the consulting group, which advises many of the manufacturers in the car industry.Under the targets, carmakers must reduce the average emissions of the cars they sell to below 95g of CO2 per km.Carmakers that miss their targets face stiff penalties, with a fine of eur95 for every gram of CO2 above the limit, multiplied by the number of cars they sell in 2020. This would leave VW facing a euro1.7 billionn fine and BMW facing a euro700million penalty, the PA Consulting report predicts.Each company has its own individual target, which takes into account the types of vehicles sold, meaning that a company with smaller average vehicles will face more stringent targets than a group focused mainly on large cars.Under the system, carmakers also receive "super-credits" for every fully electric car they sell, allowing them to offset the impact of more polluting vehicles.Diesel cars have typically been a key component for manufacturers to meet their targets because they emit about a fifth less CO2 than petrol equivalents.But a political backlash against the fuel, which has seen it criticised by politicians and banned in several major cities from Stuttgart to Paris, has seen a fall in diesel sales accelerate this year. Diesel's market share in Europe has fallen from 52 per cent in October 2015 to 45 per cent in May 2017. As a result of the shift, some of Europe's biggest carmakers are less likely to hit their targets t

SAAB (Remember them?) 'Parts for Life" Initiative to Keep Saab Cars on the Road

BETHLEHEM, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In an effort to keep the iconic Saab brand on the road, Orio North America, the exclusive supplier of Saab Original parts, is proud to announce the launch of its orioParts for Life initiative. The initiative provides a lifetime warranty on Original parts to Saab owners who repair or service their cars at a Saab official service center. In addition to preserving and restoring Saab cars, the initiative will also support the work of Nordens Ark, a Sweden-based organization, which works to protect endangered species around the world.


Akebono Blazes The Trail Forward In Brake Sophistication

In case you are not aware, by 2021 brake pads need to contain less than 5% copper. In five years, the semi metallic pad will be a relic of the past. Akebono and other brake pad manufacturers have been moving forward with the formulation of new compounds and that will meet the new specification.

CAWA Scholarships Available

Application Process is Now Open Through March 31, 2018 Interested in receiving a scholarship from the Association for your employees, children, family members, students and others who would be welcomed into the auto care industry? Applying is easy! The online application process allows students interested in aftermarket careers to submit one application each year online at and receive consideration for several scholarships. For more information, see or contact CAWA Member Services at


Here Is Why We Will Be Seeing Self Driving Cars Sooner Than Later

The fact that 94% of all crashes are caused by human error will be the trump card that pushes governments to pass legislation to quickly enable self driving on our roads as soon as possible.

Strange But True -- Really?

Full Service Gas Station Still In Business

Pasadena News: Over the last three decades, gas station full service has been replaced by pay-at-the-pump machines or if paying with cash, by cashiers behind glass partitions who take payment in advance — which often requires returning for change. Whether credit or cash, the dance ends the same way: You pump your own gas. Gone are the easy-going days when a young man in a jump suit would greet you at the service station, pump your gas for you, clean your windshield and take your payment all without you having to leave your car. Well, not quite gone.

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2 New Silicon Valley Startup Compete To Deliver Gas To Consumers Vehicles At Home Or Work

Silicon Valley Wants to Help You Never Visit a Gas Station Again Date: August 11, 2017 Source: Bloomberg For Dana Dwyer, an Oracle Corp. employee and mom, a full tank of gasoline at the end of her workday is something she describes with just two words: "Its happiness." Dwyer spends an hour each morning fighting through 20 miles of Bay Area traffic to get her child to school and herself to work. "At night, making one more stop to the gas station is the last thing I want to do," she said in a telephone interview. That's music to the ears of Frank Mycroft, the chief executive officer of Booster, and competitor Michael Buhr, the CEO of Filld, startups created to deliver gasoline to customer's cars at work or home. They face obstacles in the form of gas station mini-marts, community safety concerns and the rise of electric cars. But with time-constrained U.S. consumers paying $255 billion a year for auto fuel, the two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs say they have room to grow, and they're getting the financial backing to prove it.



Happy Customers Schedule On Line

Shop Owners - pay attention to this statistic. Over 90% of all adult Americans have made an appointment or reservation on line.

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Google Offers Refunds For Fake Clicks

Wall Street Journal By Lara O'Reilly Updated Aug. 25, 2017 12:05 p.m. ET Google is issuing refunds for ads that ran on websites with fake traffic, people familiar with the situation said, as the web giant develops a tool to give marketers more transparency about the ads they buy through its platform. In the past few weeks, the Alphabet Inc. unit has informed hundreds of marketers and ad agency partners about the issue with invalid traffic, known in the industry as “ad fraud. "The ads were bought using the company's DoubleClick Bid Manager over the course of a few months this year, primarily in the second quarter. Google's refunds amount to only a fraction of the cost of the ads served to invalid traffic, which has left some advertising executives unsatisfied, the people familiar with the situation said. Google has offered to reimburse its "platform fee", which ad buyers said typically ranges from about 7% to 10% of their total purchase.


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Could The Connected Car Kill Off The Local Auto Repair Shop?

To service today's cars requires tight integration with vehicle manufacturers. Availability of technology, tools, and training is becoming more important to the future of independent repair shops. Past agreements to provide access to the required information may be superseded by new technologies in later model cars. Take for instance the data collected and shared via GM's OnStar system. GM knows how many miles have been driven, when services are due for various components and can direct the consumer to the local dealer with special offers and incentives. Independents currently have no access to this marketing channel. Enter Tesla...